Advice For Parents

Any parent’s priority when thinking of how to get into modelling is always their child’s safety and happiness; here at Aura Models, we understand that, which is why we are available to help you every step of the way through you and your child model’s journey.

We can answer any questions on how to get into modelling, as we understand that it can be an overwhelming experience when starting out. Apple Models are here to stop you heading down the wrong path.

At Aura Models we have some important guidelines when it comes to children and young adults:  

    • We have a strict rule that no model under the age of 21 may attend a shoot without a parent.
    • Aura Models feel it is important for young models to have grounded guidance through this exciting time, and, as a parent, you will always look after your child’s best interests. 
    •  No model under the age of 18 will be offered studio time without a parent or guardian being consulted.
    •  All parents will be present before/during the shoot to oversee its progression and supervise its content.

To help answer questions on how to get into modelling that you may have as a concerned parent regarding what can sometimes be a puzzling industry, we have put together an industry fact sheet below. Using our teams extensive industry knowledge and experience to clarify the key points.