Body part modelling is a type of modelling that you may not have thought about, but you’ve certainly seen – and probably continue to see almost every day. Making your focus more niche may allow you to make more of an impact.

While some general models supplement their income with body part modelling, there are some people who make a living solely by modelling a particular part of their body. For example you may have seen their hands in all kinds of TV and magazine adverts, but have no idea that they belonged to the same person.

Body part models are required for all kinds of media, from TV to magazines to catalogues and even billboards.

Why are body part models needed? Because there are a lot of products that are quite small and need to be seen very close up in order to show them in their glory. For example, if a company wants to show off some earrings, it’s no good having an advert with a full length shot of a model as nobody will be able to even see the earrings.

And when you get up close and personal for products like these, sometimes models who are photogenic and charismatic in full length of even head shots, reveal small blemishes and irregularities that are magnified a hundredfold by the camera. Hence, the body part model, who has flawless areas of their body.

Hand Models
If you have perfect hands, you can cash in! The kinds of products that require hand models include: make-up, jewellery, lotions, creams and gloves. The demand is everywhere, all you need is the industry know how and the right hand modelling portfolio. Find out more about becoming a model.

So not all body part models are in equal demand – you’d have a job making a living as an elbow model, for example – but hand, ear, eye and foot models will find plenty of work.