Glamour Modelling

The whole industry of modelling and fashion is about glitz and glamour, but glamour modelling has a specific meaning – modelling in minimal clothing, be it lingerie, bikinis, topless or even nude.

Many girls consider glamour modelling as a way to break into modelling, or even as an end in itself. It doesn’t have to be seedy, there are plenty of major supermodels, actresses and singers who have done some form of modelling that reveals quite a lot but is very classy and stylish.

There are two main aspects to becoming a model – the physical and the mental. Both are important.

As opposed to catwalk models ( who tend to be extremely tall, gaunt and flat up and down, glamour models don’t need to be as tall, as having nice, shapely curves and a softness is much more important. As with all kinds of modelling, having a toned body and great skin is critical – more important than having the ‘right’ features. Many of the most successful models have something which makes them distinctive, rather than being perfectly balanced. Underwear modelling is another similar form of modelling we do at Neon Models.

Mentally, glamour models have to be very strong minded – even more so than other forms of modelling. That is because they must be alert for people who aren’t genuine clients and who wish to take advantage of them.

One thing that glamour models need to take into consideration is the fact that once the pictures are sold they will be in the public domain forever. Will you be happy for your future husband and even children to discover naked pictures of you on the Internet years down the line? It must be kept in mind.

There are agencies that specialise in glamour modelling and can help ensure all clients are genuine and that all the correct paperwork is in place so that you don’t get taken advantage of.

However, a lot of glamour models decide to go freelance, which is fine if you’re very streetwise and willing to learn the business side of the business, such as copyright, invoices and contracts.