Plus Size

Plus size modelling is one of the fastest growing sectors in the fashion industry. This is partly as a backlash against the increasingly gaunt and skinny models that have become the norm at all the major fashion shows. People are expressing that they find other shapes attractive as well, and want to see more of them represented.
The extremely tall, skinny catwalk models do not represent the ‘average’ female in any country, and as women make up the majority of decision making consumers when it comes to clothes – they are a very valuable sector for companies to target.

So more normally shaped models are in demand, to model all kinds of clothing, from lingerie to everyday wear to high fashion and evening wear.
These days there are some very well-known names in the world of plus-size modelling and so we are starting to have our first plus-size supermodels! This would have been unheard of a few decades ago.
If you’d like to become a plus-size model, then like with all kinds of modelling you have to make sure you have the right qualities, both physically and in character.
Physically you should have a nice, balanced shape and pretty features. In character you need to have a professional attitude and resilience. Rejection is a normal part of the fashion industry and modelling, so you need to have a thick skin and not take it personally.

If you want to get signed with a modelling agency, then you need to make sure you apply to ones that state that they represent plus size models. There’s no point approaching agencies that present strict requirements that you don’t meet in the hope that they will make an exception for you.
You’ll need to take some decent photos to use as submission photos – if you can get these done in good light, with a decent quality camera, that’s great. Snapshots in your bedroom on your phone are not going to cut it.